I have been tutoring since very shortly after I graduated from the University of Kent in 2011. In the time since then I have broadly speaking categorised students into two categories. Those who areĀ  able and want to maximise their grades, and those who aren’t confident of getting a passing grade and want some support.

When we first speak, it will be important for me to understand the circumstances of the student and the level to which they are working. If there are any further details that might be pertinent, please make me aware of it before we arrange sessions.

As and when sessions begin I will spend some time assessing the standard of work that the student should be working at. I usually get an idea of this in the first session but naturally a strong working relationship will take longer. Assuming that you are enquiring on behalf of your child, as we work I will keep you updated regularly on progress.

I have taught several students who have been autistic and others who have struggled with social anxiety or depression. Rates of success under these circumstances vary dramatically and the way in which lessons are structured require an approach individual to the student. In the event that sessions are not yielding results, I will make sure you are aware so that you can make the decision about how best to proceed.